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Coach Sanchez is one of the most successful high school coaches in America. As a Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach he helped to win 1 National Title and 6 State Championships. As a Head Coach he won 2 National Championships and 4 State Championships has helped to put 50 players into Division 1 Universities, with 4 making it into the NFL.

These amazing accomplishments show that Coach Sanchez has the undeniable ability to bring the best athlete out of your child, but what is even more important is character development.
The ability to learn from hardship, make no excuses, and work harder to earn success is critical to success in athletics and life. Coach Sanchez’s teams have a 100% Graduation Rate for all Football players with a combined Team Average GPA of 3.4. Let Coach help your child develop the skills for success on and off the field.

For more information and pricing please Email Coach Sanchez at

Work with Coach one on one, in small groups, long or short term - Learn to Be Elite
Speed and Agility Training

No matter what sport and/or position you play or whether you’re training for strength, endurance, or a combination of both, the benefit of adding speed, agility, and quickness drills to your fitness routine will take your game to an elite level. All athletes can benefit from improved balance, quicker feet, and a faster reaction time, and this is exactly what Speed and Agility drills help you achieve. Be & Elite Athlete!

Defensive Position Specific Training

Position specific training for all defensive positions. Train to become a more functional defender in all aspects of your game. Defensive Backs will train to improve press and man coverage as well as a better understanding of zone coverages and how to distribute routes. Linebackers will gain a better understanding of reading the uncovered lineman and develop excellent reaction time. As a Defensive Lineman, you will train to be more skilled in pass-rushing techniques, to learning how to maintain gap control by creating separation from the point of attack. Alignment, assignment, technique with fanatical effort!

Offensive Position Specific Training

Offensive lineman will maximize their chances for success in the trenches with drills to strengthen the core, enhance upper and lower body power, and develop first-step quickness and striking speed. Take your receiving game to the elite level by combining great speed and agility with flawless route running. Learn the skills needed to put yourself in a position to make the best of your opportunities. Running Backs will train for better instincts, burst, elusiveness, pass-catching and pass blocking. Proper mechanics and good decision making are Vital in the makeup of a great QB. Learn how to distribute your weight properly through QB specific drills, improve throwing ability and energize an offense. Be Elite training will develop enhanced movement skills and body control, and mostly a heightened level of work ethic and mental toughness.